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Wait For Me (оригинал Moby)

Жди меня (перевод Дмитрий Глухих из Кирова) i

I'm gonna ask you to look away
I love my hands, but it hurts to pray
Life I have isn't what I've seen
The sky is not blue and the field's not green

Wait for me x4
Mhmm wait, wait for me...
Wait for me x4

I'm gonna ask you to look away
A broken life will never stay
Tried to hard and I always lay (?)
Days are grey
and nights are black

Wait for me...

Я прошу тебя отвернуться.
Я люблю свои руки, но мне трудно молиться.
Жизнь мне дана не для того, чтобы видеть.
Небо не голубое и трава не зеленая.

Жди меня
Мммм жди меня....
Жди меня

Я прошу тебя отвернуться.
Поломанную жизнь уже не исправить.
Пытаться тяжело и я бездействую.
Дни серы
И ночи черны.

Жди меня...

STILL - всё ещё

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feel good


I got you (I feel good)

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What is the biggest mistake of your life so far? What did you learn from it?

I made a lot of mistakes. And I always tried not to repeat the same mistakes. Unfortunately, some of them there repeated and brought pain to some people. I think it's very important to realize the mistakes and not to make it again or try to correct the mistakes if it's possible.

The summary of Chapter IV

The war changed Atlanta. Now it looks like A large hospital: a lot of ambulances and injured soldiers everywhere. Scarlett and others women from Atlanta nursed at the hospital. And if the most women were glad to do it, for Scarlett it was only obliged duty.

One day Mrs. Merriwether and  Mrs. Elsing visited Aunt Pitty and offered to organize auction to help the soldiers. Scarlett convinced her aunt and Melanie to go there. It could be the small entertainment in her boring life in Atlanta. But she tried to show that it was really important for the hospital.

When she found herself at the auction and she heard the music, Scarlett was so happy to be there and dance again, although it wasn’t accorded with her status of widow.

The one thing which upset her was the appearance of Rhett Batler. She wanted never to meet him again. As usual, Scarlett saw the laughter in his eyes and it made her angry.

Certainly, Melanie was very glad to see Rhett and advised (=informed) him that Scarlett was the wife of her fallen brother. Rhett was surprised and tried to express his condolences.

In order to gather the money for hospital, Mrs. Meade, the doctor’s wife, offered to gentlemen to pay for dancing with the ladies . Everyone was shocked when Rhett Batler offered one hundred and fifty dollars for dancing with Scarlett. But she agreed to dance because she had BEEN dreamING about it for a long time.

Scarlett noted that Rhett was an excellent dancer. She was proud that nobody from the rest ladies can COULD gather such  a large sum of money like she.

Her aunt Pitty was shocked BY Scarlett’s behavior. But Melanie took the part of Scarlett because she was sure Scarlett HAD made it only for the help of hospital and soldiers.

Chapter III

Scarlett was going to flirt with each man in Twelve Oaks and she did it. She was surrounded by seven men and each one tried to attract her attention but there is=WAS no Ashley among them. Ha was sitting with Melanie. That’s why Scarlett was very upset.
All the talks abou THE  war were very boring for Scarlet. She thought it’s =WAS not the place for such talks because it was the party and everyone should have a good time there.
When the ladies left for rest Scarlett decided to wait  FOR Ashley in the library. She falsely supposed that if she let him know about her love Ashley will=WOULD  love her back. It was the mistake! Ashley loved Melanie and he said to Scarlett about it. She cried and was angry but it could change nothing.Scarlett didn’t know that there was the unexpected witness of their conversation in the library. Rhett Batler was very surprised what such A hot-blooded girl could find in boring Ashley Wilks. And he asked about it! When she saw Rhett Batler she was ready to kill him but she shut the door with crash and left the room.Then she heard voice from the lady’s bedroom. It was=THERE WERE the whispers about her flirtation today= THAT DAY and THERE WERE the voices of Honey Wilkes and India.. She decided not to leave Twelve Oaks and revenge for that ON all of them. The best way was to marry Charles Hamilton, Melanie’s brother.
In two weeks Ashley was married to Melanie and Scarlett was married to Charles. But two months later Charles died from typhoid. Scarlett became the mother but she didn’t love this baby. She thought about Ashley only.

revenge ON smb for smth

Я бы загадала здоровья и счастья родным!

I wish my relative were healthy and happy! :)
Do you generally like or hate when people take photos of you? Do you feel anxious when friends post pictures of you online? Is your first inclination to link to them or hide them?

I don't feel anxious when I see my photos which were placed by my friends in net. It's the extra opportunity to remember humorous and pleasant moments then we were together!

Вопрос дня: Имя взамен

Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

When I was the child I wanted to have another name and asked my parents why they had named me Inna. But now I like my name. It befits me and it rather rare name in our country.

Chapter 2

Early morning Gerald O’Hara fired his plantation manager Jonas Wilkerson because he didn’t want to recognize that he was the father of dead baby of Emmie Slattery, one of their employee.

Then Mr. O’Hara and his tree daughters rode to Twelve Oaks.

Scarlett was waiting for meeting with Aushley there. She decided to flirt with every man in Twelve Oaks in order to attract Aushley’s attention. I think she didn’t understand that Aushley thought little of this and he loved Melanie only. She was too young and selfish girl!

However, she flirted with most of the invited man: the brothers Tarleton, Frank Kennedy who liked her sister Suellen, Charles Hamilton and others.

Suddenly she saw the tall stranger who stared at her with a cool smile. Scarlett went red because nobody had looked at her with such defiant smile before.

She asked  Miss.C. about this stranger from and she told to Scarlett the story about Rhett Butler.

I think, just AT this time Scarlett felt interest to Rhett but she hadn’t realized it yet.

She thought she loved Aushley and she wanted to marry him as soon as possible.